Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India

Guidelines for conducting virtual CME/Webinar under aegis of AGOI

  • The subject should be aligned with the speciality of gynaecologic oncology.
  • The program should ideally consist of talks and or panel discussion involving multiple speakers of which 2-3 should be AGOI members. A webinar having only a lecture by a single person should be avoided.
  • Any company or commercial concern can be approached to facilitate the program on any suitable platform in terms of technical or financial assistance. However this should be without any obligation to promote any product.
  • The virtual program should be subject based and should not focus on any specific drug or product.
  • The detailed meeting program should be shared with the AGOI a month in advance for approval.
  • There will be no financial obligation on part of the AGOI. The AGOI office will help in disseminating the program brochure among the members.
  • If any registration fees is charged then the arrangement for sharing fees with AGOI will be as per the existing guidelines for holding physical CME programs.
  • Whenever a virtual program is organised under the aegis of AGOI, the members should not accept an honorarium for participation as faculty from any commercial entity. Instead an educational grant to the AGOI should be encouraged.