Dr.Rama Joshi
President, AGOI
January 7,2017

My esteemed AGOI colleagues,

I thank you all for giving me this honour and responsibility as the President of the Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India.

The association has reached its milestone of 25 years. The association was formed with the dream of growing and establishing the speciality of Gynaecologic Oncology – such a speciality was practically non-existent in our country then, although well established in western countries. Tremendous efforts have been made through these years by the members and leaders of the association to make it a strong organization, which is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the cause of Gynaecological cancers, from prevention to cure.

The magnitude of the problem of gynaecological cancers in India is substantial as around 1,62,000 new Gynaecological Cancer cases are diagnosed annually and the specialty of Gynae-Oncology is not yet fully developed as a super-speciality to tackle this issue. With the extensive efforts of AGOI over the years there is now an appreciable change in the medical community regarding this speciality. Further efforts are required over the next few years to offer specialized management to the women suffering with gynaecological cancers. It has been proved that the best survival rates can be offered to women suffering from gynaecological cancers when managed by the Gynae Oncologists.

The AGOI Gynae Oncology fellowship started by the Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India is a major step in this direction. The speciality of Gynae oncology at the National level can only be strengthened by introducing formal fellowship programs to optimally manage gynaecological cancer patients. In India, now the speciality of Gynaeoncology is getting increasingly recognized as the MCh course has started, but there are only 8 seats available currently. There is an urgent need to start the DNB fellowship programme at the earliest. Despite our best efforts, Gynae Oncology could not be listed in the existing DNB superspeciality programme. However, all possible efforts will be made to enlist Gynae Oncology this year and we are hopeful of success.

The organization also seeks to start the academic wing “Indian College of Gynaecologic Oncology” which will take care of the academic activities of Fellowships & training programmes in the association and will provide a strong platform to young Gynae Oncologists – the ones who represent the future of our important speciality.

To spread knowledge further as we go forward, emphasis shall be given for organizing the CME/ Symposia/Surgical workshops in cities other than the metros.

Further, we are pleased to announce that in order to improve surgical skills in the young, we will start Master class in Gynae Onco surgery from this year.

I am sure with the help of the executive council as well as support from all of you, we will be able to achieve
these goals and make raise the association to the next level!

Best regards,
Dr. Rama Joshi

Director, Dept. of Gynae Oncology
Fortis Memorial Research Institute,