Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India

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AGOI Gynaecological Oncology Fellowship Program

List of authorized center's for AGOI Gyane Oncology Fellowship program

  • The institute applying for AGOI Fellowship must have a separate dept. of Gynecologic Oncology with at least two gynec. oncology consultants- Senior consultant with at least 8 years experience in gynec. oncology post MD/MS/DNB (Ob-Gyn.) or at least 5 years post MCh gynec. oncology. Junior consultant with at least 5 years experience in gynec. oncology post MD/MS/DNB (Ob-Gyn.) or 2 years post MCh gynec. oncology.

  • The minimum number of gynec. oncology patients seen in outpatient dept. of institute must be 1000 per annum.

  • The minimum number of major gynec. oncology surgeries performed must be 100 per annum (8-10 major surgeries per month).

  • The maximum numbers of Fellows per institute per year can be two.

  • The maximum and the minimum durations of fellowship will be for two years and one year, respectively. If a fellow leaves the course before one year, AGOI will not certify her/his training and will not issue a certificate.

  • The minimum number of major gynec. oncology surgeries to be performed by AGOI Fellow must be 10 per year. Apart from performing, fellow must assist in at least 50 surgeries per year. A log book should be maintained and should be presented at the time of exit examination.

  • The registration fee per student is INR 25,000 which must be paid to AGOI before the student can start fellowship. AGOI will not pay any stipend or any other financial assistance to Fellows.

  • The Fellow must apply for AGOI life membership, once he/she is selected for the fellowship.

  • Fellows must rotate to allied dept. like medical and radiation oncology. In case institute does not have these facilities in-house, a tie up with another institute may be done.

  • Fellows to make at least one presentation in a national conference preferably in AGOICON and to publish at least one article in a journal per year during their fellowships.

  • Exit exam at the end of Fellowship training will be conducted which will include both theory and practical examination. A mutually decided, senior AGOI member will be nominated as an external examiner for examination. A minimum 50% marks in theory and practical, each will be required to pass Fellowship examination.

  • The external examiner should have experience in Gynae oncology matching that of a senior consultant mentioned in point no. 1 of this guideline. The detailed curriculum vitae of the examiner should be sent to the AGOI office for records.

  • External examiner will be given an honorarium INR 1500 from AGOI office.

  • A common curriculum to be prepared.

  • Fellows may opt for one month training from another institute during their AGOI fellowship tenure.