Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India
  • Formal request for initiation of chapter should be sent to the AGOI secretariat by the life member of AGOI with minimum of 5 years of AGOI membership.
  • The members of the state governing body will be the life members of AGOI. There should be minimum of 20 life members of AGOI to start the state chapter.
  • All State chapters, before starting local state chapter association, must have prior written approval and mandate from AGOI secretariat office .
  • Following acceptance, the state chapters, will elect their own president , Vice- presidents , Secretary and Treasurer and EC members and would intimate the names of state chapter office bearers to AGOI Secretariat office. Along with the list of state AGOI life members.
  • The tenure of the office bearers of the state chapters will be for two years.
  • The state chapter will conduct minimum one CME and will organize the award paper session in order to identify one candidate to compete for Y-GOG fellowship in Conference.
  • The state chapters will send the list of selected Y-GOG candidate to the AGOI secretarial office.
  • Life member of the state will be the life member of the central body AGOI . Members who are not Life members of AGOI, can only be associate members and will become Life members only after they become AGOI Life members.
  • Associate members, will not have voting rights nor they can stand for election, for any office bearer or EC posts, until they become AGOI life members
  • The fees for Life members State chapter would be Rs 5,000/ is under consideration.
  • Every year all state chapters have to submit audited reports of their annual accounts to Central body AGOI's official auditor by 31st October.
  • All local state bodies must register themselves under society of registrar office.
  • The official logo/emblem of all state chapters will be AGOI official emblem, embedded in center of their state maps, as logo's.
  • All state chapters of AGOI will be called by their state prefix letter or letters following by - and AGOI:
    eg: Delhi state AGOI chapter will be DSC-AGOI ( Delhi state chapter-AGOI),
    eg: Karnataka state chapter-AGOI= KSC-AGOI and bank accounts will be opened in this name only, with local state chapter, Treasurer and President and Secretary as signatories
  • State chapters will submit the annual report of the activities to the central body AGOI secretariat by 31st October.