Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India

Eligibility criteria for the young presenters in YGOG session

AGOI gives opportunity to the young members to present the paper and extends the Y-GOG fellowship to the selected total five candidates every year giving them the opportunity to present the papers at AGOICON.

Following are the eligibility criteria and guidelines for submission of the abstract in the Y-GOG Session.

  • The Candidate should be AGOI life member and below 40years.
  • Submit the abstract < 250 words on any aspect of Gynae Oncology according to the announcement of the YGOG session by the AGOI.
  • Presentation is 8 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion
  • Send the brief resume along with passport size photograph to the AGOI.
  • Travel expense by the presentor themselves
  • Confirm with the iternery details
  • Submit your abstract at and copy to the organizers.