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The Association of Gynecologic Oncologists of India (AGOI) is a multidisciplinary professional group of Gynecologic oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists and allied health professionals commiteed to work on gynaecological cancers. Since its formation in 1991 the organization has worked for improvements in the field of early detection and appropriate treatment of gynecological malignancies. This association is affiliated to the International Gynaecological Cancer Society. AGOI holds an annual conference to facilitate exchange of ideas and encourage young gynaecologists to take up this specialty. Contributions to the Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology, the official publication of AGOI are welcome.


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AGOI Executive Committee

Dr. Kasturi Lal - Jammu

Dr. Shalini Rajaram

Dr. Amita Maheshwari - Mumbai
Hon. Secretary General

Dr. Vijay Ahuja - Bangalore
President Elect

Dr. S.B.L.Shrivastav - Gwaliar
Immediate Past President

Dr. Uma Singh - Lucknow
Vice President

Dr. Jita Parija - Cuttack
Vice President

Dr. Sabhyata Gupta - Gurgaon
Joint Secretary

Dr.Yogesh V.Kulkarni - Mumbai

Dr. Amrit Gupta – Lucknow
Executive Member

Dr. Geetha Nagasree Neerukonda - Hyderabad
Executive Member

Dr. Nisha Singh- Lucknow
Executive Member

Dr. Ranu Patni – Jaipur
Executive Member

Dr. Richa Chauhan - Patna
Executive Member

Dr. Satinder Kaur - Delhi
Executive Member

Dr. Umesh Mahantshetty – Mumbai
Executive Member

Dr. Vinita Singh – Patna
Executive Member

Dr. Bhagyalaxmi Nayak - Cuttack
Chairperson Preventive Oncology & Public Awareness Committee

Dr. Rupinder Sekhon - New Delhi
Chairperson CME Committee

Dr. Janmejaya Mohapatra - Cuttack
Chairperson YGOG Committee

Dr. Somashekhar S.P. – Bangalore
Editor IJGO