Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India

Guidelines for conducting the Gynae Oncology CME/ Workshop under the aegis/ Collaboration with AGOI

  • Scientific programme should have minimum 80% of the content of Gynae oncology.
  • Preventive oncology content of the scientific programme in Gynae Oncology CME should be up to 20%.
  • When the CME is organized on preventive oncology then this required to be mentioned as the preventive oncology CME under the aegis of AGOI.
  • It should include at least four AGOI Life members as the Faculty.
  • The written request/ mail must be sent by the organizing secretary to the secretary AGOI preferably one month prior to the planned CME.
  • CME can be organised under the aegis of AGOI on receipt of the permission letter from the AGOI Secretariat.
  • AGOI logo requires to be included.
  • The 10 % of the registration fee will be the share of AGOI in case the organisers charge the registration fee. No AGOI financial share when the organisers do not charge any registration fee.
  • Similar financial guidelines will be included in case of endorsement or collaboration of AGOI with any conference and AGOI logo will be included.
  • The final scientific programme will be sent to the AGOI Secretarial office which will be communicated to the members of the AGOI.
  • On completion of the CME the detailed report will be sent to the AGOI Secretarial office mentioning the number of registered delegates.