Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India

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AGOICON Financial Guidelines

  • At the time of opening the local AGOICON bank account, the AGOICON secretariat can use the AGOI PAN. The official Treasurer of AGOI should be one of the signatory to run the AGOICON account in addition to the Organizing Secretary of AGOICON and the local Treasurer of AGOICON. ( Any two of the three signatories can to operate AGOICON account)
  • It is mandatory to submit the official letter from AGOI Hon. Secretary to the local bank designated for AGOICON, authorizing the local Organizing secretary of AGOICON to open AGOICON account with official AGOI PAN number.
  • After the conclusion of the AGOICON conference a complete audited report of accounts by a charted accountant should be submitted to AGOI office. This would then be forwarded to the AGOI, official auditor
  • Within 3 months of the end of the conference along with the audited accounts 25% of total conference registration fees collected by AGOICON conference will be given to AGOI along with 50% of any excess amount (profit) left in AGOICON account. The local AGOICON body will be entitled to keep the remaining 50% of excess / profit amount as an education grant for their future academic activity
  • It is mandatory to close the AGOICON account within 3 months of concluding AGOICON and closure report of account statement must be sent to Hon. Secretary office AGOI
  • Any negative balance in AGOICON account at the end of AGOICON, will not be compensated by AGOI and the negative balance is entirely the responsibility of local AGOICON organizing committee.

AGOICON Scientific Guidelines

  • The Hon. Secretary of AGOI shall be the chair of Scientific committee for the AGOICON.
  • All communication regarding the AGOICON will be directed to the Secretary general AGOI.
  • Hon. Secretary of AGOI along with local organizing committee of AGOICON will constitute the scientific committee for AGOICON which may also include other EC members of AGOI. All International & National speakers selection, scientific sessions its contents, scientific free papers and posters selection will be done by this scientific committee. This will also include finalization of faculty for live surgery demonstration in AGOICON and speakers for AGOICON orations. This Scientific Committee will seek the inputs and requests of local AGOICON organizing team and accommodate their views in smoothly preparing the scientific contents of AGOICON, however the decisions of the committee headed by AGOI Secretary will be final and binding This committee will also help the local Organising team of AGOICON in getting International faculty.
  • One session in the conference will be given to local AGOICON organisers, to accommodate their local sponsors and local society and organization interests
  • All the necessary support to conduct AGOICON conference will be provided by Hon. Secretary’s office of AGOI, like providing complete mailing address and e-mails and mobile numbers of all AGOI members. The AGOI website will be actively available through AGOI office for promoting and uploading all documents, brochures and necessary information by the local AGOICON team
  • There will be an interim meeting of all EC members of AGOI, where in the Organizing secretary of AGOICON will submit interim progress report of AGOICON and provisional scientific contents of AGOICON and take necessary inputs from office bearers of EC. The timing of this meeting will be decided and notified by Hon. Secretary of AGOI. This is a mandatory requirement
  • The president and Hon. Secretary General AGOI & Chairman AGOI are permanent invitees on dais during the Official Inauguration of all AGOICON and valedictory functions. The President and Hon. Secretary’s speech in the official inaugural ceremony of AGOICON is mandatory and all other established protocol of AGOI will also have to be followed.
  • The local AGOICON organising secretary and organising chairman should take a print out of these guidelines in their local letter head (Rs100 stamp paper) and send acceptance signed copy both by email and post to AGOI Secretary General. This will then be accepted as a binding document for fulfilling all above mentioned financial obligations.
  • EC members name and role should be displayed on all brochures and mailers of the conference
  • Ideally the entire program should be finalized and locked 3 months before the conference date. The only changes allowed subsequently would be for any cancellation by invited faculties